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If the government giveth,the government can take away.

People sometimes, oft times, have the mistaken idea that the “Bill of Rights,” the first 10 amendments to the Constitution, are a list of rights that have been granted to the citizens of the country by the government. Nothing could be farther from the truth. The founding documents speak very eloquently about man’s inalienable rights. That means rights that cannot be alien to us, they are inherently ours granted by God and a natural outgrowth of the human condition. The right to speak freely, for instance, relies on no man to make it legal! I as a man can say whatever I please. I may endure consequences for my words, but no other man can judge me as illegal for speaking my mind. The right to defend myself, my loved ones, others who are in danger and my property are recognized in the second amendment. The right is not granted there, for every man has the right of self defense. The second amendment is the government’s guarantee that it recognized the right and that it will not do anything to infringe upon it. Because it is a right not granted by government, it is a right that government cannot take away.


Of particular interest is the tenth amendment which states that the federal government recognizes it’s own limited scope of authority as being that which is specifically spelled out in the Constitution. In making this observation the founders relinquished the vast majority of control to the several states by saying, in layman’s terms, anything we haven’t spelled out in this document is to be decided and administered by each of the several states for themselves. Today the mess that we find ourselves embroiled in is not the fault of the federal government overreaching their authority alone. Much of the blame must rest with the several states who refuse, either through apathy or ignorance, to govern themselves and rely upon the federal government to provide for them. Should we some day find the courage to assert our proper place in the plan the founders envisioned, the era of bloated, ineffective, federal government – stupidly drunk on their own grand delusions would end and we could get back to being a country of independent, strong states, rather than a country of federal tyranny and cowering, feckless states.