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Sad, sad Day.

My cousin died. That may not sound like a big deal to lots of people, but in my family we really don’t keep up with first, second or third cousins – they’re just cousins and they’re all equally important because they are all family. My family is very much like the Bible’s description of the church, the Family of God. There are feet, hands, legs, head, arms, torsos, knees, toenails, on and on. Even though there are many parts in the body, damaging one of them makes the whole respond. That’s my family. We lose one, we all hurt no matter how far removed they may be. Like real estate, there are no more families to be made for me and so mine becomes extremely valuable.


My cousin Neva Hale was a constant in our family. The idea of her dying has literally never even crossed my mind. When her son Greg called to give me the news, I could not comprehend what he was telling me. I kept trying to figure out in my mind who he was talking about that had passed and when he finally made it clear to me that it was Neva, I literally could not speak I was so stunned.


It goes without saying that I am praying for Neva’s sons, and her sister Cookie. I love them. They are family and that is all that needs to be said.

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