• What You can expect to find here.

    I have many, varied interests. As I deem appropriate I will be posting on the following topics, perhaps more! Find something you like and thank you for visiting my blog.


    These are not in order of importance:

    Photography; Politics (conservative); Fountain Pens; Religion; Writing; Design (graphic); and, Personal observations. When I am in the notion I will add categories to the blog to make it easier to navigate and find what you like.

Yet again I try to find my way through blogging . . .

As mentioned in the site title, a concern of mine is that there are myriad topic which hold my attention and that I feel compelled to address. Why? That is what I do not know. Why does it redound to me to address the things and what could possibly accrue in a positive vein for any such address? Again, and with all forthrightness, I do not know. Still, I feel compelled to set some thought down in a more permanent way from time to time rather than allow them to continue to rattle about inside my noggin. I hope that any who happen upon these disjointed musings will excuse my linguistic foibles and non-linear selection of topics and simply enjoy the posts whilst understanding this is more therapeutic for me than for you. Thanks.



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